My way to shodan. Hello everyone!

Last Tuesday I had a not good practice, nothing worked properly. I was so pissed off with myself. Same faults again and again, always on a rush, not goo d posture, no good breathing, no good cuttings, no goog anything…one of these days, definitely. And then, as I normally do, I took my bike, loaded my bogu and took the way back home. While riding, I was thinking about the practice I wanted to do something and, why not, write about it. 

 Recently I achieved ikkyu. Good for me! Well done! Clap, clap, clap. It is a motivation to keep on doing my kendo, to be happy about my progress, but it is also a good moment to think twice about things. Think about doing things properly, no more crappy things, lazy kamae or careless waza, at least on porpuse. Or more imporant, think about respect, respect kendo, respect your sempais and kohais, respect your kendo community. Don’t know, but I believe there is a responsability around this, when you have a grade. 

 Next step, shodan, involves too many improvements. After having sessions like last tuesday or watching my grading on a dvd, these improvements are more that I thought and I should start right now. It is the moment to take some aspects seriously.

 Yep, I decided to create my blog about Kendo and my way to shodan. Sounds good, isn’t it?. The only problems is how I could find the time to write here. I am just working full time, studying teaching, studying English, raising a wonderful wee daughter, having a life with my partner…

  Neither today nor tomorrow, but I like to write about a lot of things: Kamae, footwork, attitude, shiai… my thoughts and worries about kendo. For how long? I expect one year, but you never know, maybe less, probably more.  But I am sure of just one thing, the last post will be “I got shodan”.

 Have fun, enjoy it.

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One Comment on “My way to shodan. Hello everyone!”

  1. hitchcockblue Says:

    What will you call your blog once you hit shodan?

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