Kirikaeshi study

Right, first proper post. 

I’d like to have a quick look to my grading a few weeks ago. To begin with, I must say I am very happy with my performance, I did my best in spite of being nervous. I couldn’t make it better so this is the best kendo I can offer you.

I am kakarite. I was lucky enough to have as motodachi Dez, probably the finest kyu of my Dojo, so it made things really easier. 

Today I would like to focus in the kirikaeshi stage, leaving the jigeiko to better moment.  

Good things I can spot: Concentration, spirit, kiai (always!), breathing, cuts (maybe).

Areas to improive (so not good things): kamae, correct maai and footwork, footwork, footwork… Gosh, I had not realized how bad my footwork can be at the moment. Above all the first mens before the yokomen. I’m crossing legs 50 cm!!! I’m raising my arms where I’m moving my left foot!! I don’t need to do that, it’s the other way around. And I have strong legs, I can reach without that impulse.

Any other comment it is more than welcome.

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3 Comments on “Kirikaeshi study”

  1. musashi Says:

    make the footwork smoother, and keep it fluid. as if you were doing the whole kirikaeshi in one motion/try. not motion. stop. motion. stop. etc.

    always keep your arms at shoulder level after cuts… when you raise them it looks totally un-shodan and very newbish-like lol.

    last, raise the arms a bit more in the yoko mens, and remember to do this without dropping the kensen on the back. it shouldnt go past horizontal…

    hope that helps! cheers.

  2. hartim Says:

    Of course it helps! Thanks very much!

  3. Kristian Says:

    Marco, remeber Ichi-gan, Ni-soku, San-tan, Chi-riki.
    Work on the feet more than anything else for the moment. Hands will follow.
    Good on you for getting Ikkyu. I remember mine also and I can say, I’m not too keen ever to see it again.
    See you soon.

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