One year ago….


Hi all. Today’s post is not about kendo basically. Today’s post is about my daughter’s first birthday. Yes, she is turning one already! Gosh, time goes by so quickly. I know one of these days I’m going to wake up and she is going to be fifteen. Happiness is the world which could define “almost” everything around her -I could complete the list with words such as concerns, worries, tantrums, smiles, surprises.

But my point today is not about my daughter, is about her mother, so my partner, and what she showed me one year ago. Women are the forgotten ones in this story.

One year and one day ago, my partner was, as any other pregnant woman, the most beautiful girl in the world; and she knew that. Showing off her massive tummy, a voluptuous goodness, she was a radiant reincarnation of the mother nature. One day after, she was “just” a new mum, another one. Her body was deformed by having a baby nine months there, she couldn’t walk, hormones going down and down made her be depressed. She wasn’t important anymore, any care, attention, hour, minute second moved from her to that wonderful baby she had inside. As any other new mum.

What happened in between? Nothing bad, only a labour. Maybe for a midwife or a doctor, labours is a common practice. It is their work. To me it was complete revelation about women. How strong they are, how committed, gosh, I could see a authentic fighting spirit. Ten hours in terrible pain: and pushing and pushing and go forward, there is no step back. As bigger the pain, as closer the end is.

My girlfriend had always told me she couldn’t cope with pain, she couldn’t do it, she was really afraid. But she did it, of course she did it. I saw her in every contraction, from the very first one until the one before she experimented the morphine’s pleaser nine hours later. I was next to her the whole time, I was so lucky of being there, I was so lucky of assisting her and watching …. that. That was fighting spirit, the real one.

She wasn’t just a new mum the day after: she was the strongest and most beautiful girl ever. As any other new mum from they partners and beloved’s eyes.

Today it is my daughter’s birthday, a wonderful day, of course, but, also, it is, to me, my girlfriend’s day.

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One Comment on “One year ago….”

  1. timothyscott Says:

    My daughter’s own birthday was today – 1 year old today! Like you, it has all been a little bit of a blur!

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