Good times, bad times

I had too many things in my plate last week. I couldn’t practice at all, neither a normal practice nor suburi at home, but now, quieter and more exciting times are coming.


I could find sometime at home to do some suburi finally. Just ten minutes, but at least is better than nothing. Shomen, kote, kote men, yokomen, sho men, 2 minutes each with non stop. I don’t know if it is the best way, doing it with no pauses but I feel great. It is tiring but last ones look the best ones. I live in a tenement, so my ceiling are height enough to practice indoor (just bokken, no shinai, just in casa). Problems: No haya suburi or jyougeburi because of the lack of room. I know, it is not great, but at least is something. At the moment, I’m focused to keep my grip in the same position, as Kobayashi sensei told us. It is interesting the shape of the movement, stiffer, I guess, but more effective if you are thinking as a cutting movement…

My thumb

My right thumb worries me. I have had a long term injure in the join between my thumb and the palm of my right hand. Last September, during Jigeiko, I broke “something” there, it was not a bone, but something was not working properly. I must say it was quite painful and, surprise, surprise, I didn’t care too much it basically because I had my first competition in London (fly tickets and hostel already paid) a days after. So I didn’t take the care I should. Now, looking back, I am realising it was a mistake, my injury got worse. After London I decided to go to my GP and give a rest to my hand. Doctor told me it was “probably” a ligaments problem, therefore, painkillers and rest. I expected to be off two or three weeks off, and s en kegoo. My hand was still a bit sore, but I could manage it, and after New Year, it seemed to be ok.

Until Thistle cup, during my first and only match, a hit in the same spot: same pain and bigger worries. It is clear that et isr ot ongatime. . Anyway, I could do suburi with no problems and normal practice, next practices I am not going to carry my bogu and I have to keep away from jigeiko for a while (damm!!!!!!!).

Next week

Finally, I am going to the Alps for a week in a school trip. Having know I am going to have some spare time every day (no too much), I will take my bokken with me and keep on doing some suburi and stretching exercise.

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4 Comments on “Good times, bad times”

  1. imnothere Says:

    pls do take care of your body. you can grow back skins and bones but you can’t really grow back ligaments.

    i am sure that you know that painkillers are not cures, so maybe take time off. i have problem with my left heel already (i just started!) so i am trying not to mess it up as well…

    have fun with your ALPS trip!

  2. timothyscott Says:

    Hope your injuries are okay! If it is any consolation, I have been going through the same sort of problem but with colds and flu. I have not been to training for weeks not only because of my own cold but then when it hits the rest of the family! I was hoping to get there tonight but I have been left with no voice. Could you imagine a kiai with no voice… strange.

    Love the idea of taking a trip to the Alps – not immediately possible from sunny Australia. Pity you can’t leave the school kids behind…

  3. hartim Says:

    Thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them.

    Yep, I don’t like painkillers for this kind of things. I believe they just “mask” the problem. Having a headache, teetache or being hangover, paracetamol is the most wonderful thing in the Universe, but no for ligaments. Resingt and taking care.

    And Timothy, yes, definetely, is a shame we cannot leave the kids in school behind 😉

  4. slantingly Says:

    slantingly says : I absolutely agree with this !

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