Hiki waza, and more.

Hi all,

I´m back finally. After a few weeks out of Kendo, trips and family commitments, everything is coming back to normal: work, life, phone line, flat, kendo… The last one thing will be when my internet provider decide to restore my broadband, but it looks it will take some more weeks. Moving home, I love it, you know….

Let´s talk about kendo and my way to shodan, that it is the point of this blog:


I´m quite happy lately, my suburi routine is becoming an habit. Almost everyday I find a gap to practice at least ten minutes. Better than nothing. Even more, in my week in the Alps, I woke up one hour earlier than our children, so I could stretch, run a lite bite and do some suburi in the mountains. Then, I started my day plenty of energy. Coming back home, I try to do some everyday, sometimes indoor, sometimes outdoor. Good, I fell better as time goes by.

Kendo practice

Last night was my first practice after almost one month off. Result: blister in my palm. The reason is, because I´m doing suburi with bokken, I had not grab a shinai since then, and handle, rhythm and sweat are different. Don’t mind at all, it is just another blister. And, jealousness, envy, bubbles coming from my mouth when I saw my colleges doing ji-geio: I left my bogu at home. My hand is OK but not good enough for kote or strong body contact. Just in case, leaving my bogu at home is the best way to avoid any temptation. Any big temptation.

Our sensei is putting his focus now in hiki waza. Good. Hiki is one of those techniques I have ignored since I started. Mainly because I am focused in the very basic ones, and, I must admit, I cannot manage hiki at all. My fumikomi is painful, my cut very weak and my shape “curvy”. In addition, it isn’t expected that ikkyu know this technique properly.

But it is not a reason to ignore it at all at this point. So far, what I have done after tsubazeria was back to chudan as safer and quicker as possible, trying to deflect any incoming hiki.

Points to remember doing hiki:

  • Your body moves backwards, but your cut goes forwards. Basic, basic, basic.
  • When moving back, keep on eye on body weight distribution, from the left to the right at the moment of cut. A way to practice this is being in tsubazeria, move backwards with your right food risen and cut with fumikomi. Not easy, even, it doesn’t look easy neither
  • Zanshin, of course, after cutting.
  • Tsubazeira, half technique, half trickery, but you can create openings in your adversary by moving your shinai.

    Have a nice week

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    4 Comments on “Hiki waza, and more.”

    1. stuart Says:

      hey marco
      glad to see your back. not had a chance to give you a copy of the dvd yet..
      hope you don’t mind but i have posted our thistle cup fight on youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7r-cXZjMlj0

      hopefully see you soon

    2. timothyscott Says:

      Hi Marco

      Given my last post (re: your daughter’s birthday) anyone would be forgiven for thinking that I am just copying your life! I am heading back into training tomorrow for the first time in a number of weeks. Family commitments, work, sickness (me AND family) have all seen a number of weeks shoot past.

      Really looking forward to keiko tomorrow.

    3. hartim Says:

      Thanks folks for your comments!!!!!!

      Stuart….. o well, let’s say I made a favour to youtube and I was defeated too quickly to make a light video (It’s the worst excuse I can say). Thanks anyway

      Tim, go for it!!! I’m coming back on Tuesday for the real thing finally. Today I was in my dojo but I was with my daugther, just visiting. My partner is away for a few days and I am with the baby on my own (gosh, I can’t imagine how single mothers can manage it!!). Good luck!!

    4. http://andcarinsurancequotes.com Says:

      Exactly what I was searching for, regards for posting.

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