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All about men…

September 26, 2008

Kote, Do, Men kaeshi tsuki plus do while kicking your rival’s knee and smiling looking to the camera… who cares?

Not me, at the moment. Just men, harai men perhaps. 

Have a nice weekend


A proper post after a while…

September 24, 2008

There are a lot of things I like of these time. I´m studying a lot what it is supposed I have to -the very spanish Oposiciones de Magisterio-, spending more time with my family, and practicing lots of kendo and fitness everyday. And, what it is wonderful about that is I’m cutting drastically my time in front of the computer, so, in spite of having no to much time to catch up emails and update this blog, I am not wasting whole hours watching stupid videos on Youtube o reading the same news in five different online newspapers. So, I’m happy, very indeed. And very very tired. Can’t wait to October break and having a few relaxing days with my two girls somewhere away from Edinburgh.

Right, let’s talk about kendo.


Having in mind my studying time has squeezed my life, my attendance is quite regular, one or two sessions at week.


They days I don’t attend kendo I am doing suburi, with the exception of Wednesdays. 500 hundreds or so: Jo-guburi, shomen, kote, kote men, haya suburi, katate (one hand) suburi. It looks a lot, but it doesn’t take me more than 10-15 minutes, so it is not big deal. I know, I know, it is better one hundred ok than 1000 incorrect, it is quality, no quantity, therefore I tried to stay as much focused as I can, it isn’t just swinging your arms.


Lately, I’m using my bike to do some cardio work. I use my bike everyday to go work; I have intervals of 3/4 minutes effort + 1/2 m resting time, using different gears combination to keep a reasonable and safe speed, but forcing my body to change its rhythm. Crunches and push ups at home 3 or 4 times at week and gym time to time, once or, maybe twice to do more specific work.
Me, ME!!! I cannot believe my eyes, me who I was a heavy and proud smoker, the same one who see any physical effort as a punishment

Kendo, the real one, I mean

I’ve been doing this work since one month and I can see a difference in the dojo. I feel stronger and more resistant to exhausting, therefore, I can be more concentrated in my kendo than moaning myself about how tired I am.

My focus

  • Big swings, at least in uchikomi-geiko and kiri-kaeshi, leaving ko-waza to ji-geiko and shiai practices.
  • Straightness: My back is still bent sometime. It looks I loose my concentration during ji-geiko and I start to bend my back, above all doing kote.
  • Kata: step by step. I’m working sanbonmen, uchidashi side, first big cut. Gosh, it is more difficult than it looks. My sensei gave me a very good advises and it is to leave to the katana weight to make the hard work. Interesting once you get it.
  • Shikakae waza: Omote and ura harai and then go for men. The rest… or well, sometimes if I’m lucky. Debana and nuki should be there, but … OK, next week, next week….

Things which have appeared (and I wasn’t looking for)

  • Hiki waza. Yep, it is there. I don’t try hard on these technique, for a long time, I use it more as a “safe” gateway from tsubazeira rather a technique attack, probably because I didn’t know how to work it out. Now, I can do “some” thing. In fact, last session we had a shiai practice and one of my points was scored doing hiki. The good thing is I didn’t think too much about it, I just saw the chance and I did it.
  • Do: Slightly better as I used to be but I just used in Uchikomi-geiko.

After a bad time, always a good time is coming. Summer wasn’t good because a number of serious reason, but now things have came back to normal, and i wasn’t very happy with my kendo either.

I will keep my finger crossed, now everything is OK, running smoothly, happy finding a balance, but things can turn wrong in a blink of an eye. So, let me enjoy a few more days, weeks, months…

We have a date

September 24, 2008

22 of february 2009. Irish International Goodwill Taikai, Dublin. I have to confirm a few last things but this seems the date I will be tested to get shodan.

5 months to go.