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Following advises

October 8, 2008

Sometimes, in any aspect of our life, we are given too much advises, some times good, some times useless, and sometimes they crash each other, you know, “You can do this, and the opposite“.
Last weeks I have received a few very good advises.

Too tight.
That is how a dojomate described my kensen doing jigeiko. And he was completely right. The following practice, I tried to relax myself, starting by the kensen and it worked… more or less, but I felt lighter and faster. Good advises indeed.
But, it has a drawback, I tried to be so relaxed that when I attacked, I lost my grip in my right hand, crossing my right hand through the tsuka and putting both hand almost together.

Wrong movements
The other one is more difficult to follow, and it appears it is a bad habit I took. Very easy, every single time I tried men in jigeiko, instead of moving my forearms up and forward, I move them down and back my forearms and then move then forward. Uhmmmm, I have to work hard in it.

Anyway, more Kendo on Friday, and then two weeks off. A few days on the Scottish Borders are waiting to me.