About me…

Let’s say… don’t know. Right.About me, 31, working in Education, living with my partner for a “while”, having a wonderful daughter, love playing guitar, music, bike, my cat…enough, isn’t it?
About kendo. Ikkyu since 03/2008, Edinburgh Kendo Club, not favourite waza, I like all of them, but I really love one: shomen.  Weakness and strengths, too early to say I have strengths.
Why am I writing this blog? A lot of reasons, but, basically I’d like to share my thoughts while I’m preparing my shodan grading. In addition, I can check them time to time, read your feedbacks, catch up a lot of things… I believe by writing this, there are a few aspects of my kendo I can improve. Just this. And I like you to enjoy it, of course.



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